Horses & Ponies

Horses and ponies can be collected from your premises in a specially adapted trailer. If you wish, we are able to arrange to attend at the same time as your veterinary surgeon. Some of our clients wish for us to liaise with the attending vet on their behalf. This is a service we are happy to offer.

The ashes will then be returned to you in a wooden casket with a name plate or alternatively in a biodegradable scatter box. We can wash the mane and tail and return these as a keepsake if requested and also remove and clean a shoe.

There is a Lake of Remembrance at the Suffolk Pet and Horse Crematorium with its rippling waters and beautiful resident black swans who chose to make their home on the lake and have been with Bill for over 15 years. The lake is in a very peaceful location and one of outstanding natural beauty. It makes the ideal spot to scatter your pets ashes if you so wish or to reflect and remember your beloved animal away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Should the need arise Bill can recommend a professional pet bereavement counselling service.